Dr. Yun Zhang (张赟)


College of Media Engineering
Communication University of Zhejiang
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Email: zhangyun@cuz.edu.cn  

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Virtue Reality, Image/Video Editing  






Professor, Communication University of Zhejiang, Dec. 2022 -- present

Associate Professor, Communication University of Zhejiang, Dec. 2020 -- Dec. 2022

Associate Researcher, Communication University of Zhejiang, Dec. 2015 -- Dec. 2020

Assistant Researcher, Communication University of Zhejiang, May. 2013 -- Dec. 2015






Ph.D, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou China, Sep. 2009 -- Mar. 2013

MA, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou China, Sep. 2006 -- Jan. 2009

B.S., Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou China, Jan. 2002 -- Jun. 2006






Academic Scholar, Visual Computing Group of Cardiff University, Cardiff UK, Feb. 2018 -- Aug. 2018, Dec. 2022 -- Dec. 2023, supervised by Prof. Yu-Kun Lai

Academic Scholar, Computational Media Innovation Centre(CMIC) of Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington New Zealand, Jul. 2019 -- Aug. 2019, supervised by Dr. Fang-Lue Zhang.

Visting Student, Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, Beijing China, Aug. 2010 -- Aug. 2012, supervised by Prof. Shi-Min Hu



SELECTED PUBLICATIONS(* Corresponding Author)


Eliminating Warping Shakes for Unsupervised Online Video Stitching

Lang Nie, Chunyu Lin, Kang Liao, Yun Zhang, Shuaicheng Liu, Rui Ai, Yao Zhao

In submission, 2024.


[5.7M Paper] [BibTex]

Stitching Videos From Unstructured Camera Arrays With Rectangular Boundaries

Ruifang Pan, Yun Zhang*, Lin Xu, Aihong Qin, Hui Du

IEEE ACCESS, 2024, 12: 21777--21786.


[1.6M Paper] [BibTex]

RecStitchNet: Learning to Stitch Images with Rectangular Boundaries

Yun Zhang*, Yu-Kun Lai, Lang Nie, Fang-Lue Zhang, Lin Xu

Computational Visual Media Journal, 2024, accepted.


[1.6M Paper] [BibTex]

Domain-Specific Modeling and Semantic Alignment for Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval

Dan Song, Xue-Jing Jiang, Yue Zhang, Fang-Lue Zhang, Yao Jin, Yun Zhang*

Computers & Graphics, 2023, 115: 25--34.


[1.6M Paper] [BibTex]

A variational approach for feature-aware B-spline curve design on surface meshes

Rongyan Xu, Yun Zhang, Fang-Lue Zhang, Zhe Zhu, Yao Jin.

Computer Graphics International, The Visual Computer, 2023, 39: 3767–3781.


[3.4M Paper] [BibTex]


Survey of panoramic images and videos scene analysis and content processing

Hongxia Xie, Yu-Ning Hu, Yun Zhang*, Yaqi Wang, Hui Du, Aihong Qin

图学学报(Journal of Graphics), 2023, 44(4): 640-657.


[15.9M Paper] [BibTex]

A Survey on 360-degree Images and Videos in Mixed Reality: Algorithms and Applications

Fang-Lue Zhang, Junhong Zhao, Yun Zhang, Stefanie Zollmann.



[4.2 M Paper] [BibTex]

Symmetrization of Quasi-regular Patterns with k-Uniform Tilings of Regular Polygons

Zhengzheng Yin, Zhijian Fang, Yun Zhang, Huaxiong Zhang, Lili He, Yao Jin.

Computational Visual Media Journal, 2024, 10(3):559-576.


[33.1M Paper] [BibTex]

Sphere Face Model: A 3D Morphable Model with Hypersphere Manifold Latent Space using Joint 2D/3D Training

Diqiong Jiang, Yiwei Jin, Fang-Lue Zhang, Zhe Zhu, Yun Zhang, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang.

Computational Visual Media Journal, 2023, 9(2): 279--296.


[6.4M Paper] [BibTex]


Fast Edit Propagation for 360 Degree Panoramas using Function Interpolation

Yun Zhang*, Fang-Lue Zhang, Zhe Zhu, Lidong Wang, Yao Jin.

IEEE ACCESS, 2022, 10, 43882--43894.


[8.5M Paper] [BibTex]

3D Corrective Nose Reconstruction from a Single Image

Yanlong Tang, Yun Zhang*, Xiaoguang Han, Fang-Lue Zhang,Yu-Kun Lai, Ruo-Feng Tong.

Computational Visual Media Journal, 2022, 8(2), 225-237.


[4.4M Paper] [BibTex][5.9M Poster]


Content-Preserving Image Stitching with Piecewise Rectangular Boundary Constraints

Yun Zhang*, Yu-Kun Lai, Fang-Lue Zhang.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2021, 27(7), 3198-3212.


[1.8M Paper] [11.4M Paper] [BibTex][30.2M Video]


Efficient Propagation of Sparse Edits on 360 Panoramas

Yun Zhang*, Fang-Lue Zhang,Yu-Kun Lai,Zhe Zhu.

Computers & Graphics, 2021, 96, 61--70.


[7.0M Paper] [BibTex] [38M Video]


Stereoscopic Image Stitching with Rectangular Boundaries

Yun Zhang*, Yu-Kun Lai, Fang-Lue Zhang.

The Visual Computer, 2019, 35(6-8), 823--835, CGI 2019, Calgary, Canada.


[5.7M Paper] [Supplemental] [25.3M Slider] [BibTex]


Factor Graph Model Based User Profile Matching Across Social Networks

Lidong Wang, Keyong Hu, Yun Zhang, Shihua Cao.

IEEE ACCESS, 2019, 7, 152429--152442.


[2.90M Paper] [BibTex]


Efficient Binocular Stereo Matching Based on SAD and Improved CENSUS Transformation

Yun Zhang*, Wenxiang Chen, Han Liu, Jinhua Liu, Hui Du.

ICMLC, Kobe, Japan, 7-10 July, 2019.


[1,6M Paper] [BibTex]


Data-driven 3D Human Body Customization with a Mobile Device

Dan Song, Ruofeng Tong, Jiang Du, Yun Zhang, Yao Jin.

IEEE ACCESS, 2018, 6, 27939--27948.


[2.8M Paper] [BibTex]


Localized quasi-(bi)harmonic field and its applications

Yao Jin, Tongtong Wang, Huaxiong Zhang, Yun Zhang, Jieyi Zhao, Ruofeng Tong.

Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design Systems and Manufacturing, 2017, 11(4): 1-8.


[2.3M Paper] [BibTex]


Robust Region Duplication Detection on Log-Polar Domain Using Band Limitation

Yue Yuan, Yun Zhang, Shuang Chen, Hong Wang.

Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering, 2017, 42, 559-565.


[4.0M Paper] [BibTex]


Depth Incorporating With Color Improves Salient Object Detection

Yan-Long Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang, Yun Zhang.

The Visual Computer, 2016, 32(1), 111-121.


[2.2M Paper] [BibTex]


Efficient Video Cutout by Paint Selection

Yun Zhang*, Yan-Long Tang, Ke-Li Cheng.

Journal Of Computer Science And Technology, 2015, 30(3), 467--477.


[9.7M Paper] [2.3M Video] [BibTex]


Image copy-and-paste with optimized gradient

Yun Zhang*, Jian Ling, Xiaohong Zhang, Hao Xie.

The Visual Computer, 2014, 30(10), 1169--1178.


[2.5M Paper] [10.9M Video] [BibTex]



StereoPasting: Interactive Composition in Stereoscopic Images

Ruofeng Tong, Yun Zhang, and Keli Cheng.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2013, 19(8), 1375-1385.


[5.9M Paper] [34.1M Video] [30.5M supplemental][BibTex]


Video Brush: A Novel Interface for Efficient Video Cutout

Ruo-Feng Tong, Yun Zhang*, Meng Ding.

Computer Graphics Forum, 2011, 30(7), 2049--2057.


[1.8M Paper][11.2M Video][BibTex]


Environment-Sensitive cloning in images

Yun Zhang, Ruo-Feng Tong.

The Visual Computer, 2011, 27(6-8), 739--748.


[1.0M Paper][6.2M Video][14.6M PPT] [BibTex]





Yu-Kun Lai

Fang-Lue Zhang

Ruo-Feng Tong

Ke-Li Cheng

Yanlong Tang

Ming Ding

Hao Xie






Program Committee Member: Pacific Graphics 2020/2021/2022. CVM 2022/2023/2024, CAD&CG2021/2023/2024, CGI 2023, CASA 2024, ChinaGraph 2022/2024

Reviewer of International Conferences: Pacific Graphics, EuroGraphics, International Conference on Computational Visual Media, Yau-award 2018-now.

Reviewer of International Journals: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, The Visual Computer, Granular Computing (GRCO), Journal Of Computer Science And Technology, Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal, Frontiers of Computer Science, Computational Visual Media Journal.





CMIC, Victoria University of Wellington, July 2019, Wellington New Zealand. [78.4 M Slider]

International Conference on Computational Visual Media(CVM) 2013, Hangzhou China.

International Conference on Computational Visual Media(CVM) 2015, Beijing China.

Pacific Graphics(PG) 2011, Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Computer Graphics International(CGI) 2011, Ottawa Canada.




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